A Cooler Platform



Enhances the shopper experience by combining the power of digital into brick-and-mortar retail.


Enables flawless merchandising and introduces new revenue generating media opportunities.


Provides a new platform to market products at the point-of-sale, supported by real-time analytics and data.


Features & Benefits 


Flawless Merchandising 


With digitized planograms, products never look disorganized, hidden or out of stock again.   

  • Convergence of brick-and-mortar with e-commerce  

  • Real-time and algorithmic pricing and promotions  

  • Smart-sensor and digital merchandising for planogram compliance  

Real-time Media Buys 


We believe brands should be able to measure the performance of media buys in real-time.  

  • A/B testing of ads, messaging and product packaging 

  • Real-time and algorithmic promotions  

  • Self-learning advertising personalized to consumer, behavior response, and external data (i.e. weather, events, competition, etc.)  

Data & Analytics


By leveraging our technology and analytics, brands and retailers will be able to capture data to better understand their customers.  

  • Proximity sensors 

  • Shopping preferences and behaviors    

  • Real-time sales and traffic counts  

  • Open/close sensors 

Efficient Retail Operations


Retailers will be supported in the store with operations and labor efficiencies.   

  • Out of stock alerts to backroom employees, merchandisers and DSD  

  • Planogram compliance alerts  

  • Centralized pricing and label/tag updates