Efficient operations & insights

From digitized planograms to algorithmic and self-learning advertising, our platform is powered to help retailers and brands give consumers a more meaningful retail shopping experience.




Real-time performance measuring

With Cooler Screens, brands and retailers can better understand their customers by measuring the performance of their media buys as they happen.


Our platform includes:

  • Proximity sensors and cameras

  • Facial and emotion detection

  • Heat maps

  • Sales and traffic counts

  • Open and close sensors

That allows for:

  • A/B testing of ads and messaging

  • Tailored marketing guided by behavioral response and external signals (i.e. weather, sports events)

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Digital displays

Our digital planograms allow for more flawless merchandising, preventing products from ever looking disorganized, hidden, or out of stock, while meeting the demands of digitally savvy consumers.

  • Convergence of brick-and-mortar with e-commerce

  • Real-time and algorithmic pricing and promotions

  • Smart-sensor and digital merchandising for planogram compliance


Optimized retail operations

With our efficient operations technology, retailers are supported in the store with operations and labor efficiencies.

  • Out-of-stock alerts to backroom employees, merchandisers and DSD

  • Planogram compliance alerts

  • Centralized pricing and label/tag updates

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