Reimagine the way you shop

At Cooler Screens, we’re transforming retail cooler surfaces into IoT-enabled screens, creating the largest retail point-of-sale merchandising platform in the world.


Digital meets brick-and-mortar

Our innovative platform provides a one-of-a-kind, digital retail shopping experience, combining the immediacy of retail with the flexibility and intelligence of the digital age.


Real-time marketing

Merchandising and advertising solutions that capitalize on consumer impulse decisions


Flawless merchandise

Digitized planograms that never allow products to look disorganized, hidden or out of stock again

Data & Analytics

Measurable insights that help brands and retailers better understand their customers


Efficient retail operations

Out of stock alerts, centralized pricing, and labeling updates that help stores find operations and labor efficiencies




A win-win-win

Whether you’re a consumer, retailer, or brand, our platform opens untapped opportunities that redefine how you shop, market, and merchandise.



With the increase of online shopping, consumers are looking for more engaged, informed, and personalized experiences wherever they go. Our IoT-enabled screens make it easy for consumers to access all the information they need, and see what others bought and thought.

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Today’s retailers are sitting on a massive, untapped consumer and media opportunity in all their store locations. Our digital planograms enable flawless merchandising and introduce new revenue-generating media opportunities.



Brands spend more than $100 billion per year on advertising, most often out of store, where they cannot directly impact consumer impulse purchase decisions. Our platform helps brands market products at the point-of-sale, allowing for real-time analytics and data.

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Why Cooler Screens?

Learn more about why the time is now to reimagine the cooler and freezer aisles.

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