Consumer Privacy



A digital experience without compromising privacy

We believe consumers can experience the benefits of a digital technology without compromising their personal information. To achieve this, we had to think differently, and we designed privacy into all aspects of our technology and operating model from day one. Our goal is to define a new standard in digital consumer privacy.

A new model for digital retail: “Identity-blind”

Previous generations of digital retail have relied on capturing personal data and linking it to individual buyers to deliver new insights and make money. Our approach is just the opposite. Cooler Screens never seeks to identify individuals and never gathers or uses personally identifiable or linkable information. Our technology does not support it. Our business model does not require it. In other words, unlike others who are identity-dependent, Cooler Screens is “identity-blind”. Without access to a consumer’s identity – and without incentive to associate private information – the usual privacy concerns for consumers are eliminated.

The first digital retail platform to fully adopt Privacy by Design

To ensure we are delivering on our privacy commitment, we have fully embraced and adopted “Privacy by Design,” a rigorous framework developed by privacy advocates to advance user privacy. We are the first retail technology platform to make this commitment. Privacy by Design makes certain that privacy safeguards are proactively woven into every step of our processes and every element of our technology.



Privacy by Design foundational principles

1. Proactive not Reactive; Preventative not Remedial

We recognized that attackers would target information transmitted to a remote analysis engine and designed the Cooler Screens platform to process all information locally. Our Identity-blind approach never records, retains, or transmits personally identifiable information.

2. Privacy as the Default

We based the Cooler Screens design on data minimization; limiting the personal information required to provide the information needed by shoppers. By electing to actively avoid capturing personal information we also minimize risk to that information.

3. Privacy Embedded into Design

By intent, the Cooler Screens platform is identity-blind; it does not capture or require a consumer’s personal information to operate. For statistical reporting, data de-identification measures were fundamental to our design.

4. Full Functionality: Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum

Cooler Screens provides the information-rich experience of online shopping without the ability or need to understand the consumer’s identity or past shopping preferences. Our design decisions do not compromise features for consumers, retailers, or brands.

5. End-to-End Lifecycle Protection

All Cooler Screens systems are hardened to resist attacks and we enlist 3rd party penetration testers for periodic releases. We do not retain or transmit any personal information.

6. Visibility and Transparency

Our privacy policies are clearly stated, and we provide retailers with suggested in-store language for consumers. Our system undergoes 3rd party audits.

7. Respect for User Privacy

Cooler Screens provides the information-rich experience of online Identity-blind platform and our mission to dramatically improve the consumer experience in brick-and-mortar retail. We go beyond respect. It’s core to our strategy.