A Cooler Platform


Our state-of-the-art AI and edge computing platform is the foundation for Media, Marketplace, and Analytics applications that power the consumer experience and empower retailers and brands.


Cooler Media

Our proprietary merchandising and advertising software provide captivating, immersive experiences for shoppers. Combining the art of dynamic, visual design and science of AI-powered contextual content, targeted advertising, promotions, pricing and product planograms allows retailers and brands to capitalize on the critical 3-5 seconds of consumer decision making in-store. Learn more about our current ad products on our Ad Specs page.


Cooler Marketplace

Cooler Marketplace is where brands place advertising and manage promotional campaigns. With intelligent targeting and precise placement, the right offering is delivered at the right time, in the right place, to the right customer.


Cooler Analytics

Our proprietary analytics engine delivers unprecedented insights into customer behavior, promotion effectiveness, inventory and compliance. Retailers and brands now understand patterns in real-time, using advanced machine learning and big data analytics.