A Cooler Impact


Transforming the Business of Brick-and-Mortar Retail for Retailers and Brands

Cooler Screens delivers impact throughout the retail value chain, beginning with the consumer and extending throughout the ecosystem. For both retailers and brands, Cooler Screens accelerates digital transformation and provides new paths to growth.




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Delight consumers and lift in-store sales

With Cooler Screens, retailers meet the demands of today’s digitally savvy consumers in-store. Cooler Screens enables flawless merchandising, introduces new revenue streams and enhances the brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Delighted shoppers increase their purchases and return more frequently. 


Evolve their business model

With Cooler Screens, retailers can now enter the digital media business, tapping a massive growth opportunity. In addition, retailers can now offer brands access to millions of consumers with contextually relevant messages and promotions at the point of purchase. 


Gain insights and efficiency

By digitizing their in-store operations, retailers gain insight from real-time consumer analytics and efficiencies through automated merchandising, inventory tracking and pricing. With digitized planograms, merchandising is dramatically improved as products are never hidden, disorganized or unknowingly out-of-stock. 



Retailer Opportunities:

  • Today brick-and-mortar accounts for 90% of retail sales, and more than 165 million people shop at a convenience store every day in the United States.

  • The perimeter of c-stores, where coolers are located, is the strongest and fastest growing area of the store.

  • 75% of cooler and freezer purchases are based on impulse decisions, and 83% of the in-store merchandise sold–food, snacks and beverages–is consumed within one hour of purchase.

  • Online and mobile commerce has redefined consumer shopping expectations.

  • Coolers are the least promoted and one of the most operationally challenged sections of the store, riddled with messy labels, low stock, and ineffective promotion.

Retailer Solutions:

  • Digitized planograms and flawless product presentation—products will never look disorganized, hidden or out of stock again.

  • Real-time and algorithmic pricing and promotions.

  • Smart-sensor and digital merchandising for planogram compliance, automatic-restock, store audits, etc.

  • Shoppers can more easily access product information.

  • Suggest items from across the store to build a bigger basket.




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Build equity and drive sales at the point-of-sale

For consumer product companies, Cooler Screens is providing a new platform to build brand awareness, market their products at the point-of-sale, and improve visibility with real-time analytics.   


Right message, right time, right place, right audience

With Cooler Screens, brands can for the first time directly engage with consumers in-store. They’ll increase sales and market share by delivering the right offerings and messages at the right time in the right place and to the right audiences.   


Measure performance in real-time

Traditionally, product brands have had limited visibility into the effectiveness of their advertising and merchandising, and limited influence on consumers at the point of purchase. They’ll now be able to measure the performance and consumer response to their media buys in real-time With instantaneous feedback, brands can rapidly test and refine their offerings. Unlike other digital outlets, Cooler Screens also provides product companies with aa brand-safe marketing environment and 100% verified viewership.



Brand Opportunities:

  • Unlock an enormous untapped opportunity for brands and retailers at the “1st moment of truth.”

  • Improve in-store experience through better product presentation, messaging, and promotions. 65% of impulse decisions are highly influenced by in-store messaging.

  • In-store trade promotions and shopper marketing are the most effective means to influence purchase decisions.

  • Brands plan to increase spend on in-store shopper marketing more than any other marketing category.

Brand Solutions:

  • Cooler Screens is Creating the World’s First and Largest In-Store Digital Media and Edge Computing Platform at the Retail Point-of-Sale.

  • Build brand equity and educate consumers.

  • Real-time consumer analytics to better understanding what is drawing customers’ attention and how that impacts their behavior

    • Eye Tracking Technology

    • Cross-sell Products

    • Consumer Buying Trends

    • Product Placement Performance

    • Local/Regional/National Strategies

  • Ability to measure the performance of their media buys in real-time

    • A/B testing of ads and messaging

    • Real-time and algorithmic promotions

    • Self-learning advertising personalized to consumer, behavior response, and external data (i.e. weather, events, competition, etc.)