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 Point-of-Sale Marketing Solutions

Advertising on our Cooler Media platform gives retailers and brands the ability to define smart, in-context promotions at the point of sale, capitalizing on the critical 3-5 seconds of consumer decision making in-store with precise, contextual advertising.


 Full Door Ads

  • Single or multi-door takeover

  • Motion or static display

  • Motion detection based placement, reverting back to planogram upon approach

  • See Full Door Ad specs


Banner & Horizontal Spot Ads

  • Utilizes non-product sections of door

  • Top and door handle banners

  • Features blocks by door handles or other “hot spots”

  • Shifts products to eliminate any coverage (does not scale products)

  • Advertising blocks by door handles and other “hot spots” on the screen/door

  • See Banner and Horizontal Spot Ad specs


Labels & Tags

  • Price tag highlights

  • Off-price promotions

  • Nutritional label callouts (Gluten-Free, USDA Organic, etc.)

  • Promotional and product benefit tags (BOGO, Best-Seller, New, etc.)

  • See Labels and Tags specs


Spot Deal Ads

  • Real-time promos, coupons, and campaigns that are event triggered and personalized (weather, sports event, etc.)

  • Appears as a 3-second pop-up over the planogram

  • See Spot Deal Ad specs

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Native Product Ads

  • Highlights specific product in shelf

  • Animates product packaging within the planogram

  • See Native Product Ad specs